Who We Are

Our Story

JVISIONS Inc is a nonprofit organization that focuses on helping the community in two areas: homelessness and scholarships.  Upon research, we discovered that the homeless population is increasing significantly and students are struggling to pay for their education.  This drastically agitated our soul and we wanted to do something about it.  So we begin to ask ourselves questions, “How can we fill these gaps?”, “How can we solve these problems?”.  Thereafter, God begin to show us numerous ways on how to help and the equation was simple:

  1. Create care gifts of needed resources and package them with a theme scripture
  2. Start a scholarship fund for high school and college students

We are rebuilding lives, strengthening communities, and providing financial support to further education.

Our Why

Our Mission

Write the vision and make it plain

Our Values

We are honest and take responsibility, we can be relied upon because everyone matters

We take pride in building relationships by operating with a sense of urgency to serve others

We believe in being flexible and resilient which empowers us to think and act small by staying connected together

About The Owner

Roddrick Jefferson is the exciting, gifted leader of the JVISIONS organization.  A courageous, dynamic, and visionary leader that strives to help the community.  Roddrick started helping the homeless at a very early age, as he served in his  local ministry and provided resources to those in need.

In 2018, Roddrick started his own scholarship fund that would help eliminate educational obstacles for students.   He institutes a grace-filled journey with an intimate familial character through innovation, accountability, and trust.  His motive is to build for the future by fostering a culture of boldness and investing in developing efforts to the community.

Roddrick earned his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Prairie View A&M University.  Continuing his education, he received a master’s degree in Computer Science at the North Carolina A&T State University.  More importantly, Roddrick Jefferson is a man of faith that believes in embodying the heart and the mission of Christ.