JVISIONS Scholarship Program actively supports our local communities and has empowered students since 2020. Whether high school or college, JVISIONS offers scholarships to help eliminate financial obstacles by investing in students’ education. We believe in giving without barriers. We want to invest in students’ minds so they can flourish and transform by making their dreams a reality.

Our Scholarship Program prioritizes traditionally underserved communities and aids all potential applicants in preparing their submissions. Simultaneously, we implement community outreach and recipients’ engagement activities to inform our targeted beneficiaries about the opportunities we provide through our scholarship programs. Finally, we strive to award as many applications with merit by evaluating both academic and community service excellence our applicants demonstrate. 

The program goal is to enhance the financial security and living standards of ten students from targeted underserved communities across the US. JVISIONS Scholarships’ objective is to provide educational empowerment to underserved communities and empower community-responsible students by mitigating financial obstacles and providing them with the necessary prerequisites for successful education.

We target low- and non-income-generating students, primarily minority students and students from traditionally underserved communities (e.g., BIPOC communities).  JVISIONS’ target audience is underprivileged students and minority students who cannot afford tuition or education expenses in general.

2023 Scholarship Winners

Alexandria Habimana

2022 Scholarship Winners

Sydney Carroll

Derrick Copeland Jr

Candace Jackson

Jaden Lassiter

Ajala Lee

Chephon Morrison

2021 Scholarship Winners

Chloe Scott

Cortlen Scott

Mykayla Jackson

2020 Scholarship Winners

Greater New Zion Missionary Baptist Church